Pinag-usapan ang Litrato ni Maine Mendoza matapos kumalat ang nakitang Tattoo sa kanyang katawan

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza has been the talk of the town although she was silent about the controversial open letter she published on her personal blog sites. The AlDub Nation family crazily missed the phenomenal star because she was out of the country a couple of weeks and until now they are waiting for her.

That is why the photo of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza in the Miami Beach Florida wearing a two-piece swimsuit became the talk of the town and garnered different reactions in the Tatto notice by one AlDub nation member which she posted on her Twitter Account. AlDub nation member @jenasis818 also known as Mama Evs of the AlDub nation family notice the water waves tattoo on the body of the phenomenal star.

"Naka-tattoo ang alon na babalik sa iyo!"

Some AlDub nation member asked the people that is there something wrong with the tattoo. I think there is nothing wrong with the Tatto. But some of them respects the privacy of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza and requesting it to delete the photo. AlDub nation member @MCDefends request it to delete the photo for privacy sake of Maine Mendoza.

"pakidelete po itong photo as per original, respect Maine's privacy #ALDUBHappyChristmas"

According to the other AlDub nation members, they should have a borderline or limitations and concerns about the privacy of their idols. Let the fate, destiny and the Almighty God do the rest.

But for the others who understand the liberality of Maine Mendoza, they think that she wants also to show the beauty of her body not only because of the tattoo. AlDub nation member @iambuna thinks that the phenomenal star also wants to show her gorgeous and stunning body wearing a swimwear.

"ok, lang yan! tingin ko gusto rin nya pakita yan! remember Maine is Maine"

Let us respect the decision of the phenomenal star Maine Mendoza on herself since she has a natural beauty and having a gorgeous stunning body as well.

So what can you say about this one? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!