Alden Richards nag-alangan lumapit kay Maine Mendoza?

The phenomenal star Maine Mendoza and the Pambansang bae Alden Richards has been much-awaited by the AlDub nation fans to be seen together in the Kapuso Noontime show Eat Bulaga last Saturday. Everyone is waiting for this precious moments and expecting to have something happens but unfortunately, their expectations were only a hope. Although they are together it seems that they did not pay attention to each other as noticed by the AlDub nation fans in the television. Is it true that they want to separate the AlDub love team and want to erase from the mind of their fans?

Although the sweetness and intimate moments have not been noticing, still the AlDub nation fans are very confident to the AlDub love team and still, the fandom is strong and giving their utmost support to Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza. Although the phenomenal couple has not been spotted talking and paying attention with each other still the AlDub nation fans are taking videos on the event of the phenomenal couple at the Broadway Centrum and other behind the scene happenings.

It is noticed in the eyes of the phenomenal love team that they really missed each other although they were together they were far away from each other. It is like having a barrier between them although they were together. The AlDub Nation fans did not know the real story behind the apparent separation of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza.

It is now a very big question mark of the AlDub Nation fans why they are not giving attention to each other in spite that they were together in the show. Various reactions and comments surfaced in the social media and internet from the netizens, particularly from the AlDub Nation fans.

"Baka hindi talaga sila o ayaw silang pagsamahin sa harap ng camera kase may bago ng career si Alden Richards."

Others also commented that maybe it is only in the front of the camera but in the backstage, they are talking with each other.

Although the AlDub nation fans are expecting and hoping that they will always see the AlDub love team together in a sweet and intimate moment. Their togetherness is not enough because they are not showing intimate moments in the front of the camera which the AlDub nation fans are expecting that it will happen.

Although there are many expectations from the fans no one can help because they were only fans, and the management is making the decisions for the alDub love team. What can you say about the apparent separation of the AlDub love team? Do you believe that the management decided for the AlDub love team to be separated and not paying attention to each other?