Usapan ang kanyang pagbabalik dahil kay Alden Richards matapos manahimik

This certain individual has been making a big buzz all over the social media after her comeback because of Alden Richards. It's been a long time since she became quiet on the allegations that were thrown at her. Many of the AlDUb fans were talking about her now. It seems like many of them don't like the girl based on what they said to the woman. And it looks that they really hate her. In fact, many of the AlDub fans were asking why needs to return again.

Some of them were speculating that she might be jealous that's why she comes back again. However, they were not happy with it instead they were angry when they heard the news.

But then, most of them were saying that no matter how she returns again and again, she still doesn't have the chance to be together with Alden. Meanwhile, some of them were thinking that the reason why she returned is that she was going to help others to break the AlDub loveteam, but upon thinking of it, they said that whatever the reason why she comes back, they still not going to let them break the AlDub loveteam.

Here are some of the reactions of the AlDub Nations upon hearing the news:

"HALA!!nag lilipana na sila!! MGA PIGGY BANK? OMG!!! nag tulong tulong na? #ALDUBisMagic"

"baka pinauwi para marami sila tulong tulong sa demolition job nila sa ALDUB... as if naman me magagwa pa sila! #ALDUBisMagic"

"kaya pala feeling jowa hahaha. ilusyunada talaga."

"Kahit pa sigro maghubad sa harapan ni RJ yan nakakadiri ung mga bilbil sila ang b4shers ni meng."

What do you think about this? Do you have any idea about the comeback of this certain lady? Kindly share and give your comments and reactions to us.