Maine Mendoza at Alden Richards may ebidensya na pinag uusapan nila

Maine Mendoza at Alden Richards may ebidensya na pinag uusapan nila

Most of us surely wanted to have someone who we can talk about what plans that we will do on our future together with them. Imagine, talking to them such things were the sweetest moments of all things. Surely, we have heard that Maine Mendoza opened franchised of McDo. But recently, it is said that Alden Richards also had a plans to have a franchise of McDo. The most exciting part about this is that Alden will franchise a McDo of he and Maine Mendoza will have a franchise together. The recent Instagram story of Alden Richards has been making a buzz on social media after netizens saw that Alden was with some crew of McDo while there is a word that wrote:

"9 months training with them."

His Instagram story said it all that he and Maine really talk about their future now. And the picture was enough for us as we see that both of them were really talking now on their future. It also makes us happy because it is rare to heard that a loveteam partner in the showbiz industry also talks to have their own and same business. The AlDub Nations were happy to know this. They said that even though Alden and Maine didn't confirm their relationship and said that they were just friends, it is all confirmed by the actions that they were doing.

Here are some of the reactions of the AlDub Nation:

"Waking up to this- Paano mo hindi iisipin na MAG JOWA 'to, e sa lahat ng love teams or mag BF/GF sa showbiz, sila lang ang nagpatayo/magpapatayo ng SAMA business?!? Isa sa magiging rason kung bakit LALABAN pa din ako. #ALDUBAnniversarryin5Days"

"Naku naku isa pang tourist attraction yan mcdo mo mr CEO Faulkerson .. ang saya when north meets the south! #ALDUBAnniversarryin5Days"

"And next,,,gonna be a Gas Shell Station. More blessings to come @aldenrichards02 and @mainedcm #ALDUBAnniversarryin5Days"

What can you say about this? Do you believe that Maine Mendoza and Alden Richards are already planning for their future? Kindly share and give your comments and reactions to us.